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    How do I know if I need Counselling or Psychotherapy?
    What happens in a Counselling session?
    What issues can Counselling help with?
    What kind of people seek Counselling?
    How do I start my sessions with you?
    How long should I expect to have to continue Counselling?
    Will my Counselling sessions be confidential?
    Can you prescribe medication if I need it?
    Can I speak to you before my appointment?
    Will you be available for me in a crisis?
    Can I use my health insurance to pay for Counselling sessions?
    Why do I need to attend weekly sessions?
    Why do I have to pay for missed/cancelled therapy sessions?
    How can I pay for a therapy session?
    Do you offer concessions, discounts or low-cost therapy?
    Can I refer someone for Counselling?
    What if I have a complaint about you?

    ​Frequently Asked Questions