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    Issues for Stress Counselling

    • Work pressures
    • Family stresses
    • Relationship worries
    • Difficulty coping
    • Panic attacks
    • Irritability
    • Physical ailments
    • Constant tension.

    What is stress?

    Sometimes the pressure we are under can become overwhelming and difficult to cope with. Stress and anxiety can manifest itself in a variety of ways leaving us feeling scared and unable to cope. Past experiences may seem to stop us from moving forward. By discussing and looking at  things in a different way we can move past these thoughts and feelings. However as it is our  thinking, (or faulty thinking in these instances) is only in our heads” we could say that, in a way, all  stress is self-imposed, by our own free will. Therefore we also have the free will to reduce or  eliminate stress and its physical symptom of anxiety. Again if it was as easy as it sounds a large  proportion of our population would not be feeling these symptoms. But I highlight this thought only  to how the seed that “we are what we think we are”. We all have inner conversations with ourselves  and these can make us stressed and anxious. Situations cannot. Our thoughts and reactions to a  situation are what causes the feelings we have. Counselling helps to reframe some of the stressful  thoughts and anxious situations and in fact “retrains” our brains to choose alternative thought  patterns than the black and white one we have historically used.

    How to cope with stress?

    Counselling can be especially helpful by discussing and looking at things in a different way, so we  can develop healthier coping strategies and get you back in control.
    I work with clients in a variety of ways including CBT and REBT (a similar form to CBT using rational thoughts to look at thinking patterns) and my counselling style is conversational and informative.
    If you would like to work on the issues that make you anxious and stressed please contact me.