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      "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Akbari for believing in me and helping me take the steps  towards the place I needed to be, she was incredibly helpful to me and I would recommend her online skyping services. Despite being apprehensive of online counselling at first, I found it a lot easier than I anticipated."

    - Amin Hakim

      "I am thankful for Dr Nazee Akbari for providing a good service for me for speaking Farsi because it was more easier for me to speak in my first-learnt language. It was a comfortable, professional environment. Mersi"

    - Roya Danesh

      "Over the past few months, Dr Akbari's service  has been indespensible to me, I feel that she was able to be like a close friend to me when I needed while still maintaining a professional relationship"

    - Amelie 

      "I came to Dr Akbari in a time of desperation and I can honestly say that her service and approaches helped me immensely. She was considerate of tailoring her ways in a way that best fit me and I am ever-thankful for what she helped me to achieve in an exceptionally difficult time in my life. "

    - Mikail Montaneau

      "I have made great strides towards my personal  goals and achieved many things I have wanted to  do, thanks in no small part to Dr Akbari, her services have been extremely helpful to me and I would gladly refer her to anyone in need."

    - Daniel Thompson